Sunday, September 21, 2008

Your Daily Gifted News

Excepts from our Gifted Class on September 15th:

We did our own glyphs about ourselves and we got to learn about eachother today. A glyph is when there are numbers and you need to color it in depending on the decicion. We got to learn enev more about ourselves in something called inside outside circle. We moved around in a cirlce and got to tell about ourselves. Mrs. Skipper let us do two other things. The first one was a map of a continent. Then the second one was about respect. We got partners and we wrote and drew about respect. Then we did actions without words. Today was fun!


Me and Franchesca and the gifted class were doing lots of fun stuff. The first thing we did was glyphs. A glyph is a information sheet that tells you about people. Then we did inside/outside circle. The next thing we did was respect. We pantamime performers people tried to guess what we are acted. The next thing was if you think. It was when you really have to use your brain. We read the book of the month. And the last thing was the musical.

-Ian and Franchesca

Monday, September 15, 2008

Deleted Post!!

Dear Second Graders,
You will not believe what just happened to me! I just finished typing in your "blog posts" from today and I tried adding some pictures. I accidently added the same picture twice and when I went to delete it the WHOLE post got deleted as well!!! I am too tired to type it again. I promise I will work on it tomorrow. Stay posted!!!
Mrs. Skipper

Monday, September 8, 2008

Posts from around the world

Today was our first day of gifted. The first thing we did was learn about eachother. Mrs. Skipper challenged us with a Wake Up sheet with different games. We heard songs from our new musical "Top 40." In art we learned about using lines and we got to sketch a picture with a paperclip. We played an Atlas game and we earned candy! We can't get "I Love Rockin Roll" out of our heads! It was a great day! That all for today! Stay tuned for more "posts from aound the world!"

The 2nd grade gifted class