Monday, October 20, 2008

Jr.Spiders in gifted!

Today in gifted we made a web out of yarn by telling about ourselves and made up story about four spiders. Our gifted class went on a spider hunt.We only found one itty,bitty ,teeny,weeny brown spider.We created our own special spider.Then,we pretended we were the spider on a spider interview.We did spider facts.Did you know? That.................. The goliath tarantula is as BIG as a dinner plate?Spiders live in every continent except Antartica?WARNING!The black widow can be very poisonus and be recognized by the red hourglass it has on its abdomen. By:Vaishnavi and Franchesca

Monday, October 6, 2008


We have been playing the role of "science detectives" in gifted the past two weeks. We have been piecing together clues to learn about how things work. We have been asking questions, making observations and predictions, testing ideas, changing variables, analizing our data, and sharing our results. These skills are part of the process that we call scientific inquiry. We have been learning about density through scientific inquiry. There is nothing magical about density. It is simply the mass of a substance or object relative to the amount of space it takes up. We have been testing the density of different liquids. You can check out this Zoom video and find out more.

Teachers' Domain, Density and Buoyancy: Testing Liquids, published January 22, 2004, retrieved on

October 6,2008,